Welcome to TrueCARE Ghana


Our goal is to restore hope to the less–privileged in society regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background. 


Welcome to TrueCARE Ghana

TrueCARE Ghana is a Non-Governmental Organization with the goal to save lives and empowering the vulnerable by giving the less-privileged a chance to live normal lives. TrueCARE Ghana also strives to facilitate funds for the needy who cannot afford their surgical bills.  Our area of focus includes Disaster and Crisis Relief, Health and Feeding projects targeted at the poor, marginalized and neglected.

What We Do 

TrueCARE Ghana is dedicated to feeding children, women, and the poor to fight hunger. 

In times of disaster, we step in to provide the needed urgent support through donations and services that ensure those displaced are helped.

The health of children, women, widows, and all persons who need support to get the needed health care challenges us to ledn ahelping hand

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